Sunday, September 29, 2013

Clay McLaurin Studio

Atlanta is such a great design hub, especially for interiors and architecture. We are lucky to house one of the nations best design centers, ADAC, as well as a plethora of incredible furniture/accessory/art retailers. One of the best things about being in such a central area for design, is the plethora of events that are hosted here. We love attending these events to learn and be inspired, but it is always so hard to pick and choose with a limited amount of time!

Last Thursday, we had the chance to attend the launch of a new fabric line by Clay McLaurin Studio at Ainsworth Noah. This Atlanta based studio was created by partners Clay McLaurin and Todd Piercy, and we were lucky enough to meet both of them. Not only were they totally dapper, but they were so much fun to talk to! 

Todd Piercy (left) & Clay McLaurin (right)

The company is founded on their belief that "the environment we live in should be a reflection of our own life and experiences." At the event, there was a display of Clay's original art pieces that have inspired each fabric. Seeing this pieces really gave us an insight to his process, which was such a treat. Oh, and the fabrics....oh my! We honestly cannot chose a favorite, because we are so wildly in love with all of them!!! Not only are the patterns fresh and youthful, but the color palettes are absolutely scrumptious! 

Clay's Original Artwork

All of their products are designed here in Atlanta by Clay, and produced in North Carolina. I'm afraid we could go on for days about how much we love this new line, but we better let you see it for yourself....I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! What's not to love?!

Clay McLaurin Studio - Brush, Ocean

Clay McLaurin Studio - Manji, Mineral

Clay McLaurin Studio - Bleeding Heart, Melon

Clay McLaurin Studio - Shibori, Fern

Click here to see more designs on their beautiful website!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Color of the Moment - Saffron

This summer we have been obsessed with a color that we best describe as "saffron." It's a lovely, warm blend of yellow and orange, with a slightly neutral undertone. That slight undertone allows it to be used in larger doses without overpowering a room. It is simply delectable when paired with cool grays and blues, or even a rich shade of emerald. Below are a couple of sneak peeks where we have used it in recent spaces.

Maybe it's the imminent cool weather, or the first change in leaves that has us transitioning to fall, but I don't think we will be saying goodbye to this color anytime soon. It transitions so well from season to season, and seems to be cropping up in more places. 

1. Rose Tarlow - Eaton Arm Chair
2. Oly Studio - Fez Table Lamp
3. Rose Tarlow - Arabesque in Pompeii on Saffron
4. Hillary Thomas - Rock n' Rolla Finial
5. John Robshaw - Sun Pillow
6. Dwell Studio - Citrine Green Watercolor
7. Coyuchi - Mediterranean Bath Towel
8. West Elm - Linen Cotton Blend Bedding

Now that I think of it, Pumpkin Spice Lattes would blend so nicely into this scheme. Well, who can say no to that?!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Field Trip to Robert Bowden

Lately, it seems like we have been running all over the place. Don't get me wrong, we are so thankful to be busy, but sometimes we need a little breather too! It's not often that we are able to make time for product demonstrations or showroom tours, however we managed to step out of the office for a couple of hours today. We had the pleasure of taking a "field trip" to Robert Bowden Inc. with our lovely friends from Kemp Hall Studio, Steve & Georgia.

Robert Bowden Inc. is a wholesale building material supply and manufacturing corporation. They are based out of Marietta, GA and have been in business since 1983. To be quite honest, we had no idea of their wide range of products and capabilities. They carry several major window, door, and trim lines, but also manufacture custom products.

The facility that we visited consists of many different buildings, totalling about 700,000 sq ft. All of the manufacturing is done in house, so it was quite impressive to see! Check out some of the pictures from our tour below and click HERE for more information about the company.

Making and Sealing Double Paned Glass for Windows

This Place is Huge!!

Our Group On Tour

This Machine Drills 18 Holes Into Each Door & Attaches
The Hinges

We Fell in Love with This Custom Cedar Door!

Custom Corbels and Stair Posts

Check out our Facebook page HERE to see an additional picture from the tour!