Sunday, July 14, 2013

Custom Rugs - Part 1

We are currently working on a project where we have had the opportunity to order several custom runners. Most clients aren't willing to wait for the timeline that something like this takes, so it's really exciting!

An Interior Shot of Verde Home

To give you a little background, Verde Home is an interiors store located just off of Brady Avenue on the Westside. They carry a wonderful selection of furnishings, art, accessories, and floor coverings. The designs for the runners that we are having made are part of a collection they have created with Michel Boyd. The designs are more transitional, but can really work in any space by chaning the scale or color palette.

Samples of Patterns from the Collection

When designing a custom rug, you get to select your colors from hundreds of different tufts (and if for some reason the perfect colored tuft doesn't exist, they can custom match). Next is the choice of materials. Verde Home offers both wool and bamboo silk, which is incredibly soft and more durable that regular silk. Once all of your selections have been made, Verde Home creates a scale rendering for you. From there, you can either choose to have a sample made, or jump straight into the custom piece.

Selecting Tufts for One of Our Orders

Verde Home works with a factory in India, where all of the custom pieces are hand loomed. Because each piece is hand loomed by a series of weavers, it can take roughly 10-14 weeks for a completed product. Our first batch of runners is almost complete, and we had the nice surprise of seeing a progress photo a few days ago! We cannot wait to see the final products!!!

Our Runner In Progress On the Loom

Click on each to learn more about Verde Home and Michel Boyd.

The Owners' Dog "Daisy" on Her Custom Rug Design

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Books for Summer

First of all, Happy Fourth of July to all of our fellow Americans!

It seems like during the summer, there is more time to read and just spend lazy days relaxing (especially with the non-stop rain in Atlanta this year). Why not curl up on the couch with a book, or bring one to keep you company at the pool?

Here's the short list of books you'll catch us with right now. Click on the captions to learn more about these gorgeous reads.

"HERS: Design with a Feminine Touch" - Jacqueline 

"Monochrome" - Paula Rice Jackson

"Decorating with Style" - Abigail Ahern

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Life for Antique Doors

One of our beliefs, is that it is important to incorporate a mixture of both new and old pieces in every space.

Despite the style of the space, whether it be modern, traditional, transitional, etc, there is always room for a hint of the past. Antique pieces bring a sense of life, texture, and warmth, that we believe cannot be replicated. It may be as simple as using an antique bread bowl on the counter, or it may take focusing a room around an antique Chesterfield sofa to accomplish the right mixture. Every project is so different, but for us, it's always about that perfect balance of old and new.

In two current projects, we are incorporating antique doors. The styles of the projects are completely different. One is a lakehouse with clean shiplap walls, rough hewn beams, and modern accents. The other is a more traditional home that has just been renovated for a more casual style of living. Here are the doors we found. We can't wait to share more about them once they have been installed!

Pair of Spanish Doors - The Front Pictured Above

Pair of Spanish Doors - The Back Pictured Above

Pair of French Doors - The Front Pictured Above,
The Back is Stained  in a Dark Walnut